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Сергиенко Андрей Александрович
Installation Nissan Connect 25915BH31E from Qashqai


Installation Nissan Connect 25915BH31E from Qashqai (with support rear camera).
NOTE: This manual is also suitable for replacing NC 25915BH10C/25915BH11C/25915BH20C/25915BH21C for Nissan Connect 25915BH31E. Wires for the camera you already have in connector and you just need to remove the two black wires (see pict).

I bought Nissan Tiida (already installed from the factory Connect 25915BH21A) - without the support of the rear camera, respectively. Decided to replace it with a unit with the support of the camera.
Found and bought matte Nissan Connect 25915BH31E from Qashqai. Replaced the old system to the new.
Unlike in the service menu - Landmark for the camera (was "unsuitable", became "AVMR")

Because the car was previously installed Nissan Connect, in the car was the top connector, where is necessary to connect the video cable and cable from the reverse lamp for switch Nissan Connect in the camera mode (it already was in the 25-pin).
As always, first testing - directly insert all wires into Nissan Connect without connector. Everything worked without problems. But we have two pairs of lines - one with the camera, and the other built in Nissan Connect (later I disable the line from the camera).

Next step: in the top slot connector I added two wires on the 41 pin (video signal) and 42 pin (video ground) - I have 12 volt camera. Plug connector into Nissan Connect - problem, does not work, do not even respond to the reverse driving (R) inclusion.
As it turns out - it is necessary to remove the ground cable from 23 pin and 24 pin on the top connector (be sure with two - two black wires next to the red wire).

They blocked the signal connection camera when reverse gear.
As a result, a rearview camera works as required.
Done ))